Tinyfish - The Sarcasm Never Stops (Bonus Track) lyrics

Two liars lying on top of the skin
Both justifying the state that they’re in
The story’s over
before it even starts
You don’t let anyone dictate to you
But you don’t think of the things that you do
The secret masters
That live inside your heart
The map you’re drawing is way out of date
The life you’re living is writing your fate
The message given, s’pos’d to wake you up
And if the vision is not what it seems
Even the idiot has idiot dreams
You caught me laughing
Or was it throwing up?
So as a snowflake you think that it’s harsh
Just quit your whining and get off your arse
The moment’s coming,
And then the moment’s gone
Your comfort follows the pint that’s been poured
Until you break things and say that you're bored
Just like the Romans
Gone like the Roman gods
Like them –
You’re gone!