Tinyfish - Eat The Ashes (Bonus Track) lyrics

I remember the fire
That I set at the School
In that autumn of ’82
I gave to the heat
Simply all it could eat
And it cured me of you
But for me
It’s not the first time
And for me…
Time to eat the ashes
That I left behind
Don’t tell me you’ve wasted
Your whole life
My paraffin sin
Lights a blaze from within
Let it blush, let it bloom and then die
This world is a joke
When it’s wrapped up in smoke
It consumes all your ego and pride
But for me…
Well I tried and I tried
There’s some things you can’t do without
And I lied and I lied
There’s some fires you cannot put out
But for me…
Somewhere there’s a fire
With you inside