Tinie Tempah - Looking Down The Barrel (2013)

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Tinie Tempah - Looking Down The Barrel lyrics

[Hook: Gator Creek]
Looking in the barrel of a 12 gauge magnum
Who’s that standing behind the trigger finger squinting at me
Looking in the barrel of a 12 gauge magnum
I ain’t never done nobody no wrong but me

[Verse 1: Tinie Tempah]
Stolen from the wild and released into captivity
So when I’m near the public too long I act fidgety
Act liberties have to take my gat to Liberty
To stop that crazy bitch tryna snap my black dick off me
Conceived cause no one used the condom or the pill
But was welcomed with open arms like the statue that's in Brazil
Mummy knew I’d be expensive so she nearly called me Bill
Daddy thought the stress would kill him so he nearly called me Will
Weighing in at 7 pounds and 1 ounce this little miracle
Got given a name with way too many syllables
That made my registration in class a tad difficult
And anyone who did telesales a little miserable
Where my dark skin girls at, and aboriginals?
Where my light skinned girls at? The whole of Liverpool
All I ever wanted to do was be individual
Says that black rapper on your stereo ha typical

[Hook: Gator Creek]

[Verse 2: Tinie Tempah]
Looking at a MILF, thinking bout filth
Make that fucking O’Neil, then I give her the Shaquille
I got all the top lawyers looking at my deals
One UK tour we probably looking bout a mill
Rocking my fur knowing something got killed
I even gave PETA dough to help me deal with the guilt
Might take Jameela Jamil for a meal
But I still eat fried chicken and I still drink Lilt
(for that totally tropical taste)
Life on the edge
Life on the ledge
Life through the lens
Life on the net
Life in the press, where there’s a life there’s a death
Sometimes I literally hear God reply to my prayers
If life is a bitch then life is my ex
Who was so overly obsessed by the size of my head
Told me I broke her heart then put a knife to my chest
Now it's real cold on the other side of the bed
Threw me in at the deep end despite of my fears
These journalists can be fucking lions, tigers and bears
Vincent van Gogh‘d em, gave em a work of art
Now these critics all make me wanna fucking slice off my ears
Fight club yeah
Bought me a pair of Airs
My niggas told me well done cause them mediums is rare
Yeah, looking down the barrel
Shoot but don’t let it stain my American Apparel