Tinie Tempah - 100K (feat. G-Frsh, Tinchy Stryder, Konan & Krept) (Happy Birthday EP) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook]
, 100K 100K
, I might go to the bank and just take out 100 k
, Hit the club and roll around...

Tinie Tempah - 100K (feat. G-Frsh, Tinchy Stryder, Konan & Krept) (Happy Birthday EP) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: 100K 100K
ZH: 100 K 100 K

EN: I might go to the bank and just take out 100 k
ZH: 我可能会去银行,只是带出去 100 k

EN: Hit the club and roll around up in 100 k
ZH: 打俱乐部和打滚在 100 k

EN: How many views you think I’ll get that day 100k
ZH: 你觉得我会得到那一天 100 k 多少个视图

EN: 100k, 100k
ZH: 100 k 100 k

EN: Praise the lord I thought I’d never ever see that day
ZH: 赞美耶和华我从来没有想到那一天

EN: Every where I go my niggas know its me thats paying
ZH: 每个我去我的黑人知道其我付钱哪

EN: So much money coming in I think that gon need a safe
ZH: 这么多钱进来我觉得那尼泊尔政府需要一个安全

EN: [G Frsh]
ZH: [G] Frsh

EN: I was like 21 sitting at my mums house when I counted out my first hundred
ZH: 我就像坐在我妈妈家,当我计数了我第一次一百 21

EN: Slanging to the fiends know my mum didn’t agree
ZH: Slanging 向地狱知道我妈妈不同意

EN: All these bitches wanna queue from my cumber (yeah)
ZH: 所有这些婊子想排队从我圆周 (yes)

EN: More money more problems so imagine all the stress I’m under
ZH: 更多的钱更多的问题所以想象一下我下的所有压力

EN: with these sparklers we make lighning cos I cant let ‘em steal my thunder
ZH: 这些烟火我们使熔因为我不能让他们抢风头

EN: Cos theres ten yellow bottles sitting on a wall
ZH: 因为有十个黄色瓶坐在墙上

EN: So we bought em all
ZH: 于是我们买了 em 所有

EN: 5 for the man dem, two for the bitches and then 3 for the floor
ZH: 男人 dem,两个母狗,然后 3 个地板在的 5

EN: With no security I feel safes
ZH: 与没有安全感觉的保险箱

EN: Fresh Prince I fill banks
ZH: 我填写银行的新鲜王子

EN: And I’m still trying to Bill Gates and aint talking making doors fam
ZH: 我还想向比尔 · 盖茨并不说制作门 fam

EN: uugh
ZH: uugh

EN: KillerHipHopUK
ZH: KillerHipHopUK

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Tinchy]
ZH: [] Tinchy

EN: Strides!!
ZH: 进步!!

EN: 100k and thats on a couple chains
ZH: 100 k 这就是几个链上

EN: Open shirt by Vivienne Westwood might see me on a yacht with Jay
ZH: 打开衬衫的薇薇恩 · 韦斯特伍德可能会看到我在一艘游艇与周杰伦

EN: White car with a black top, Neemar
ZH: 白车黑顶,Neemar

EN: R8 might cop me a two seater
ZH: R8 可能 cop 我两个座位

EN: Mazel Tov, cash in hand barmitvah
ZH: 祝福你们手头现金 barmitvah

EN: You aint never seen 100k
ZH: 你不是从来没见过 100 k

EN: Label paying a whole heap even before they’ve listened
ZH: 付一大堆,甚至在他们已经听了之前的标签

EN: And then we toast champagne on the Roleys
ZH: 然后我们庆祝香槟在 Roleys

EN: Beause they’re water resistant
ZH: 因为他们是耐水

EN: Catch flights, private ket
ZH: 赶上航班,私人 ket

EN: Blue marli with rs md
ZH: 与蓝色马尔利rs md

EN: 100 k, old moneys great
ZH: 伟大的老款项 100 k

EN: It’s only right that the trips on me
ZH: 它仅有右上我, 的行程

EN: Ah huh
ZH: 啊哈

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Tinie Tempah]
ZH: [Tinie] Tempah

EN: Press a button in me car it speaks for itself
ZH: 按下一个按钮在我车本身就说明它

EN: If you don’t think that money talk then speak for yourself
ZH: 如果你不认为那笔钱说话然后你自己的想法

EN: So fly up in the camry seat the suite’s something else
ZH: 所以在开凯美瑞位子套件的其他的东西

EN: I got so much presents bitch I think I might need some help
ZH: 我有这么多的礼物婊子我想我可能会需要一些帮助

EN: Yea mafucker MVP of the year mafucker
ZH: 是年 mafucker mafucker MVP

EN: Its only cos a nigga got shares mafucker
ZH: 其唯一的 cos 黑鬼有股份 mafucker

EN: All I see is yachts and lears mafucker, millionaires mafucker
ZH: 我看到的全是游艇和 lears mafucker,百万富翁 mafucker

EN: Sipping champagne like I sip beer
ZH: 像喝啤酒,喝着香槟

EN: Niggas thought they ran tings tort’s and hair
ZH: 黑鬼以为他们跑了问题上侵权和头发

EN: nigga oh yea
ZH: 黑鬼哦是的

EN: When money talks I listen, swear the uk rap scene got another millionaire
ZH: 当我听着,钱会谈发誓英国说唱现场有另一个百万富翁

EN: Lyrics Courtesy of KillerHipHopUK
ZH: 由 KillerHipHopUK 提供歌词

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Konan]
ZH: [· 科南 ·]

EN: A 100k, a 100k
ZH: 100 K,100 k

EN: 99 problems, a 100 k
ZH: 99 的问题,100 k

EN: Views in a day on the Youtube vid
ZH: 在一天中对 Youtube vid 的意见

EN: Youtube money in ya head, Youtube it
ZH: Youtube 钱在雅头,youtube 上它

EN: For the love of the dough niggas stuck on the road
ZH: 堵在了路上的面团黑鬼的爱

EN: With some dubs from the ol’, tryna move food quick
ZH: 与一些配音从老,阿隆移动食物快速

EN: Put some Uggs in a hole I aint loving the dough
ZH: 在洞里放一些 ugg 雪地靴我不是爱钱

EN: Want a 100k and a big new crib
ZH: 想要 100 k 和大新婴儿床

EN: With 100 bags soon lose a suitcase
ZH: 100 袋很快就失去了一只手提箱

EN: Time is money and you neeks are too late
ZH: 时间就是金钱和 neeks 已经太迟了

EN: Married to the money all I needs a bouquet
ZH: 嫁到了所有的钱,我需要一束

EN: Get money all week we don’t need to chose days
ZH: 拿钱我们不需要选择天所有周

EN: Selfish I don’t need to move bait
ZH: 自私我不需要移动的诱饵

EN: Got the game covered you can keep your duvet
ZH: 拿到游戏涵盖你可以保持你的被子晒

EN: Birthday cake hippie hooray
ZH: 生日蛋糕嬉皮万岁

EN: 30 bags in my room no room for room mates
ZH: 30 袋在我的房间房间的伴侣没有余地

EN: I’m calm
ZH: 我很冷静

EN: [Krept]
ZH: [] Krept

EN: I looked at konan, like I aint got 100 k yet
ZH: 看了夏尔 · 科南、 就像我没趣然而 100 k

EN: He said look at your income you probably will in a bout 100 days Krept
ZH: 他说: 看看你的收入你大概会在一个回合中 100 天 Krept

EN: He can see the future thats so Raven
ZH: 他能看到未来这是如此乌鸦

EN: I got money in the hand like I’m Asian
ZH: 我有了钱在手像我是亚洲

EN: Don’t sing to police how I get cake in
ZH: 不会唱歌,警方如何拿蛋糕

EN: Cos I’ll rap a singer Drake him
ZH: 因为我会他说唱歌手德雷克

EN: I-I-Im not slow g but I love p and get dough
ZH: 我-我-Im 不慢 g,但爱 p 和得到的面团

EN: So I’m dopey
ZH: 所以我还

EN: Bags in my hand mafucker no groceries
ZH: 在我的手 mafucker 袋没有杂货

EN: I’m not grumpy but I get moaney
ZH: 我不是坏脾气可是 moaney

EN: A lot of girls for the money and the fame ting
ZH: 大量的金钱和名望汀的女孩

EN: I had two chicks Holly and Caitlin
ZH: 我有两个小妞赫莉和凯特琳

EN: They said they wanna try angles
ZH: 他们说他们想要尝试的角度

EN: It went from a threesome to a freemason
ZH: 它从三人行去洪门