Tinashe - Who Am I Working For? lyrics (Chinese translation). | Gotta get another job now 
, 'Cause I can't say 
, To make another money 
, Dad now that we go so...
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Tinashe - Who Am I Working For? (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Gotta get another job now
ZH: 现在得另一份工作

EN: 'Cause I can't say
ZH: 因为我不能说

EN: To make another money
ZH: 另一个赚钱

EN: Dad now that we go so hard, uhh
ZH: 现在,我们去这么难,呜的爸爸

EN: But I just can't prefer for my family
ZH: 但只是不能喜欢我的家人

EN: A reason I can I can...
ZH: 我可以我可以有理由......

EN: Text me here govern me
ZH: 我在这里指导我的文本

EN: Who am I working for?
ZH: 我为谁工作?

EN: I really go straight as run... but I can't quit no
ZH: 我真的走直线作为运行......,但我不能辞职不

EN: And I knew they're going under looking up around her
ZH: 我知道他们会在她周围查找下

EN: Can I stop, uhhh
ZH: 可以停止抽

EN: Oh oh oh
ZH: 哦哦哦

EN: We can really go love from here
ZH: 我们真的可以从这里的爱

EN: I really need
ZH: 我真的很需要

EN: Don't be so high, be so high to seem
ZH: 别如此之高,是如此之高,似乎

EN: I just swag
ZH: 我只是赃物

EN: But my troubles are so hard to forget
ZH: 但我的烦恼是如此难忘记

EN: And I'm working like a jock just to get ahead wondering
ZH: 我像个运动员工作只是对 get 前面想知道

EN: Every single day is too much in here
ZH: 每一天都是在这里太多

EN: But somehow I can't get out dead
ZH: 但不知怎么能死

EN: The hell is devil of the door
ZH: 到底是门的魔鬼

EN: Text me here got mirror boy
ZH: 我在这里有镜子男孩的文本

EN: Mixt me up, f*ck me in the...
ZH: 复配物我 f * ck 我在......

EN: How am I working for?
ZH: 我如何工作的?

EN: And really go, and street is really up but I can't quit no more
ZH: 真的走上前,和街头是真的了,但我不能辞职没有更多

EN: And I really going wonder
ZH: 我真的会和奇迹

EN: You can really go up through here
ZH: 你可以真正通过这里去

EN: I will release and save now
ZH: 我将释放和现在保存

EN: And do what... sipping there freak
ZH: 做什么......喝着那里的怪物