Tinashe - Who Am I Working For (2013)

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Tinashe - Who Am I Working For lyrics

Gotta get another job now
'Cause I can't say
To make another money
Dad now that we go so hard, uhh
But I just can't prefer for my family
A reason I can I can...
Text me here govern me
Who am I working for?

I really go straight as run... but I can't quit no
And I knew they're going under looking up around her
Can I stop, uhhh

Oh oh oh
We can really go love from here
I really need
Don't be so high, be so high to seem

I just swag
But my troubles are so hard to forget
And I'm working like a jock just to get ahead wondering
Every single day is too much in here
But somehow I can't get out dead
The hell is devil of the door
Text me here got mirror boy

Mixt me up, f*ck me in the...
How am I working for?

And really go, and street is really up but I can't quit no more
And I really going wonder

You can really go up through here
I will release and save now
And do what... sipping there freak