Tin Armor - Raise High The Roof Beams lyrics

She is drained by a need to be loved and
Not the need to love someone. But as that
Tale of promiscuous ends, it's time to
Straighten up.
And he said, "When will I learn the world is
Not what I wanted? When will I forgive?
People can change. Until then, at arms
Length, I'll keep myself away where it is
Safer. But, say a prayer for the brackish
Beats of old we've given time enough to
Before. We're civilized but there's no proof,
We found a ceiling but there's no roof."
He's not the one who is always saying, "I'll
Probably relapse some things never
Change, and I just want to be myself in all
My shapes."
But he said, "Oh, I know you're just
Crumbling dust, but I still love you so I trust.
I trust. But as rings tighten, closest widen,
And I'm haunted by your past that I can't
Deny. You know I love you but I cannot
Deny it so."
She - I never lied to you
He - Yeah what you said is what you did, is
What you said. But you weren't true to
Me... you weren't true.
She - I never lied to you. You know I never
Lied to you, but I said words that weren't
True at the time. You know I lied every
Night to you. But you always said, "Say a
Prayer for the brackish beasts of old we've
Given time enough to before. We're
Civilized but there's no proof, we found a
Ceiling but there's no roof."
He - You know I wish you had lied. I wish
You had lied because the truth hurts more
Than a lie ever could.