Timmy If You Like It - A Year And Nine Months lyrics

Fill in the blanks,
Cuz you left a lot of them,
Tell me the reasons
Tell me the reasons please.

You left with so much
We never said anything
About our reasons
About our reasons for . . .

Raining down these words
They hurt so bad
To hear them like this
From our mouths its not the same
I cant believe you said that . . .
I said that . . .

You meant a lot
A lot of things to me
Seems out of place
Im out of space

Pointed words with a poison tip,
Tear filled eyes on sunny days,
All these things make me feel bad
You saw these things, only with me.
Does this mean im wrong?
That i did this to you?
Did you do it to me?
Were we both wrong?
. . . all along . . .

I loved you back then . . .
I think i still do
But i am not sure . . .
I am not sure, of you . . .