Time And Distance - Mixtape lyrics

It's been three months since i last saw you, six whole months since i last held you in my arms and for a moment, everything was more than perfect. i know that you say that this could never work out, but i'm bad at taking no for an answer, so come around and kiss me one last time.

This is my last call. it's come down to win or lose, and if i had to chose, i'd rather just stay close to you. i know that you're scared of all those horrible things that could happen. i don't put my faith in odds, but if it makes it better, i can't lose you.

Three-hundred miles to the next town, i drive all night. with every passing headlight, i still see the shine of your eyes. pennsylvania seems so dull, and i'm so boring. i hate making promises, so i swear that i won't let you down this time (if you'd just give me a try.)

I wanted everything i saw in your eyes. i want to feel your touch one last time. i want to feel your lips pressed onto mine, and if you have to go, i'll say "goodnight." god, can't you just kiss me goodbye? i wanna feel you kissing me goodbye.