Timbo King - The Autobiography Of Timothy Drayton lyrics (Chinese translation). | I was raised by a ladies man, Reagan era, 80's scam
, Old school slow jams, pops drinkin out of...
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Timbo King - The Autobiography Of Timothy Drayton (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I was raised by a ladies man, Reagan era, 80's scam
ZH: 我提出了女人缘的男人,里根时代,80 年代的骗局

EN: Old school slow jams, pops drinkin out of cans
ZH: 旧学校慢果酱、 饮酒的罐的持久性有机污染物

EN: His Matty son, the oldest one, just like his father
ZH: 他马蒂的儿子,是最古老的一个,就像他的父亲

EN: Baby sister named Shaliqa always under momma
ZH: 小妹妹下妈妈总是命名 Shaliqa

EN: A young scientist, 12, look at Tim Tim
ZH: 一位年轻的科学家,12,看看添

EN: I had the remedies, way back then
ZH: 补救办法,回到当时

EN: It was BLS and KISS FM
ZH: 这是美国劳工统计局和吻 FM

EN: Full Force, Chaka Khan, I have to mention them
ZH: 完整的力量,Chaka 汗,要提到他们

EN: Used to go to block parties, hear the DJ spin
ZH: 用于块方去,听到 DJ 自旋

EN: Uncle Pru put me on to a DJ blend
ZH: 保诚叔叔让我知道 DJ 混合

EN: First time seen a shootout, that party had to end
ZH: 第一次看到点球大战,方不得不结束

EN: That's when crack hit the hood, drug dealers, kingpins
ZH: 已时裂缝了竟然罩、 毒贩、 大腕

EN: Got rid of weak men, for position and power
ZH: 摆脱了薄弱的人的地位和权力

EN: Smoke fiends overdosed, track marks in her arms
ZH: 烟服毒的魔鬼,跟踪标记在她的怀抱

EN: Homicide traced the block, that's was somebody moms
ZH: 凶杀案追查块,当时有人的妈妈

EN: Left her baby cryin cold on the stop of the steps
ZH: 离开她的孩子哭泣的步骤停止对冷

EN: The night grandpa hit the number he was always in deapth
ZH: 爷爷命中数的夜晚他总是在力度

EN: Used to play with the words like i am so fresh
ZH: 用来玩的话,像我是如此清新

EN: East is best now grnadma is best
ZH: 东是最好现在最好是 grnadma

EN: .. need projects with a low life ...
ZH: ..需要具有低的生活项目...

EN: Sail you a polo whit vest Gucci .. start to smoke marijuana
ZH: 你航行 polo 白色背心古奇...吸食大麻的开始

EN: .. bitches bad asses and .. change winds no .. igonorance is success
ZH: ..梦坏驴和...不更改风...igonorance 就是成功

EN: .. sound effects out of this .. who ever thought i am over with school
ZH: ..这个声音效果...谁想过,我不跟学校

EN: To 50 .. MCs google was with me .. last rail
ZH: 至 50...MCs google 是与我...最后的铁路

EN: Made it happen with a .. no regrets ow i feel
ZH: 使发生与...没有遗憾样我觉得

EN: .. recorded song never made it to my draws
ZH: ..录歌从来没有它 … … 私秘我绘制

EN: Don’t think the game is sweet .. no debut wanna charge ..
ZH: 不认为这场比赛是甜...想要不收取任何首次亮相...

EN: I sound older than them is about .. when hip hop wanna ...
ZH: 我听起来比他们大是关于...当嘻哈想...

EN: Look what happened to me .. look at me young spirit i ain’T ..
ZH: 看起来我发生了什么事...看我年轻的精神,我不是...

EN: Download ringtones wallpaper .. i ama company ..
ZH: 下载铃声壁纸...我 ama 公司...

EN: Standing jin your place Lords kows i .. still I rise
ZH: 你的位置上议院 kows 站金我...我仍上升

EN: .. survive my life put aside my difference social vices ..
ZH: ..生存我放下我的差异的社会丑恶现象的生活...