Timbaland - Say Something (feat. Drake) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Drake] (Chorus)
, This sh-t was all I knew,
, you and me only,
, and I did it all for you,
, still...
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Timbaland - Say Something (feat. Drake) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Drake] (Chorus)
ZH: [德雷克](合唱)

EN: This sh-t was all I knew,
ZH: 此 sh-t 是所有我就知道,

EN: you and me only,
ZH: 你和我,

EN: and I did it all for you,
ZH: 我这么做是为了你

EN: still you were lonely,
ZH: 还是你很孤独,

EN: we coulda worked it out,
ZH: 我们能过了它,

EN: uhh, but i guess things change,
ZH: 呜,但我猜事情变化

EN: its funny how someone else’s success brings pain,
ZH: 其滑稽如何别人的成功带来的痛苦,

EN: when ya no longer involved that person has it all,
ZH: 当你不再涉及该人拥有一切,

EN: and you just stuck standing there,
ZH: 你只是被困在站在那里,

EN: But, I’m gonna need you to say something baby,
ZH: 但我需要你去说些什么宝贝

EN: say something baby,
ZH: 说什么宝贝

EN: say something baby,
ZH: 说什么宝贝

EN: I’m gonna need you to say something baby,
ZH: 我要要你说些什么宝贝

EN: say something baby,
ZH: 说什么宝贝

EN: say something baby,
ZH: 说什么宝贝

EN: [Timbaland]
ZH: [盼望]

EN: Yeah,
ZH: 是的

EN: ever since I’ve been long gone,
ZH: 自从我已经很久不见了,

EN: I traded in my senorita for a microphone,
ZH: 我在我的麦克风,小姐交易

EN: I hate the way you fell apart girl, its sad to see,
ZH: 我讨厌你摔散了的女孩,遗憾地看到的方式

EN: your life is good but me and you it’s catastrophe,
ZH: 你的生活是不错但我和你是场灾难,

EN: if I was unsuccessful would you be satisfied,
ZH: 如果我不成功你会满意吗

EN: I need a paramedic girl, I’m feeling paralysed,
ZH: 我需要一个医护人员女孩,我感觉陷于瘫痪,

EN: if I could choose, you will always be a friend to me,
ZH: 如果我可以选择,你永远是我的朋友

EN: the more money I made you acting like my enemy,
ZH: 更多的钱让你像我的敌人,

EN: its crazy, I can’t help it if you feel ashamed,
ZH: 自己的疯狂,我不能帮助它如果你感到很羞愧,

EN: lots of pressure will turn you into my diamond babe,
ZH: 有很多的压力将会把你变成我的钻石宝贝,

EN: how can something so familiar be so strange,
ZH: 怎么会有如此的熟悉的东西是很奇怪,

EN: closest friends get estranged when the status change,
ZH: 最亲密的朋友会疏远当状态更改时,

EN: ahh, is it my mistake, think that where I am and where you at,
ZH: 啊,是我的错,认为我住的地方,你在

EN: and my whole wild … is the only one that had my back,
ZH: 和我整个的野生...是唯一一个在背后支持我,

EN: you were the perfect girl, now it seems we don’t match,
ZH: 你是完美的女孩,现在看起来我们不匹配,

EN: is it the money, want me to give it back,
ZH: 是它的钱,要我把它还回去

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Drake]
ZH: [德雷克]

EN: Uhh, i am the topic of conversation, this a celebration,
ZH: 呃,我是交谈的话题,这庆祝活动,

EN: lets toast to the fact that I moved out my momma basement,
ZH: 让我们搬出去我妈妈的地下室的事实干杯

EN: to a condo downtown because its all about location,
ZH: 到了公寓市中心因为它的所有有关的地理位置,

EN: I sit and drink wine and watch californication of life,
ZH: 我坐在和喝的酒和观看 californication 的生活,

EN: you shoulda been here to kick it with me,
ZH: 你应该已经在这里踢它与我,

EN: we coulda split this whole thing up 50/50,
ZH: 我们可能已经分手这整件事 50/50,

EN: but now i’m at the 40/40 getting b-tches tipsy,
ZH: 但我现在是在 40/40 获取 b-tches 醉,

EN: killing sh-t the ever so talented Mr Ripley,
ZH: 杀 sh-t 过如此有才华的议员普利,

EN: how I go from being the man that you argue with,
ZH: 我从你吵的人怎么去

EN: to me and Dwayne Carter putting out the hardest sh-t,
ZH: 对我和推出最难 sh-t,德维恩 · 卡特

EN: I should wanna go back to the one I started with,
ZH: 我应该想要回到的一开始,

EN: but I’m addicted to this life its gonna be hard to quit,
ZH: 我沉迷于这种生活,但它会硬要退出,

EN: yeah, just ask me how things are coming along,
ZH: 是的只是问我如何的事情即将到来,

EN: you can tell me that you never heard none of my songs,
ZH: 你能告诉我你没听说过没有我的歌曲

EN: long as you end up saying one day you plan to listen,
ZH: 只要你说一天最终您计划听着,

EN: cos whats a star when its most important fan is missing?
ZH: cos 时其最重要的风扇是缺少一个明星是什么?

EN: (Chorus)
ZH: (合唱)