Tim Wakefeild - Zalmor R.I.P lyrics

Suck my fucking dick
This is for all my dead homies up in Red Bank

You know the deal when uncle Greg comes home
You better leave me because i'm going to fuck your mom
All day, every day
It is the same routine
Shoot so much cum
I'll to fill up her spleen
Don't yell at me because i'm mean
Or i will come over
And bust a cap like Charlie Sheen
You know how i do
When i got to take a poo
All over you

Where's my snare drum?
Where's my snare drum?
Yeah there it is
Listen up, open up
Here i am
In your stereo
I fuck more sluts
Then i eat cheerios
How many puerto ricans do you know named tammy?
It is more common then tim wakefeild winning a grammy

Dirty underwear in the backseat of my car
Tell your mom to pick them up
Or i'm going to leave a scar
Going to leave a scar