Tim Kasher - Valentine lyrics

So you got left behind
Would you like to join the crowd?
No one really cares about your hollow, hardened heart
Oh Pinocchio, that nose will grow
And that's why you're alone
All your lies were shown
I wish I'd known before I fell for you

I feel the spider spin
Her web of numbness around my brain
Her tracks run down my spine
An arctic stream runs through my veins

Oh Valentine, you were never mine
So nevermind my resentment towards you, or reasons for killing you
A fling for the winter, a bed full of splinters
So here's your records back,
I made sure all of them were smashed
Only half the damage you did behind my back
Here's the telephone, I won't be needing one at all
'Cause if you ever call me I'd probably die of shock

I weeble-wobble hard
You better stay down this time
Always getting pushed around,
Why can't you just stay down?
Oh Gepetto knows you should never go with someone made of wood
'Cause indepedence stings, you got no strings
You got no feelings
Love is just a scab you just keep picking at to keep it red while you run the risk of infection
Or lies
All the scabs you gave have all been scarred away
Although I try to keep them alive
I'll probably die of loss of blood.