Tim Brantley - Damage lyrics

Born in 84 in California bounced around and ended up in Georgia inside the lines of an everybodys somebody town met a girl from high school on the weekend fell in love before you knew the meaning the last three years its been ups and downs time apart was experimentation just find yourself is what they all keep saying but you cant find anything or anyone man youre hurt and you really want to keep her you patch it up but each time it gets weaker with all these chances now youre down to none the damage is 5 the damage is 4 the damage is 3 the damage is 2 the damage is 1 the damage is done the damage is done man youre coming apart youre coming unglued so just walk away whats through is through the damage is done the damage is done theres no use in worrying or pacing wondering if shes out or where shes staying dont be confused with things you cant control oh its more than fights and the differences between you its the sleepless nights and the things she never told you its a time for change so turn youre back and run pretty soon you wont believe all these things that you believe theres a reason why right now its not working she tied youre tongue up once again ant tied youre arms to leave you friend but theres one thing I know now thats for certain