Tilt - Collect 'em All lyrics

Angry little patriarch, you sit upon your cardboard throne, computer
chip to make you talk, a bad synthetic baritone. Vengeful one, exacting
father, you are nothing but a toy, take your leave you have no power, I
don't fear your damning voice, bearded one, bellowing a hollow threat
take your thunder, take your fire, don't forget your coronet! Imitation
potentate, stern expression painted on, mantle made of cellophane and
brandishing a rubber wand, consecrated effigy, thousands of your model
sold, assembly line divinity with simulated thunderbolts! You are all
powerful among the other toys, modeled and painted and fiercely employed
with lording over all the plastic action figurines, collect 'em all, and
melt 'em down with my acetylene.