Tila Tequila - I Fucked The DJ lyrics

I fucked the DJ his dick was real big
Spun me right round like a rocket and he killed it
I took it in like a champ im a real chick
U know who the fuck i am thats some real shit
And i talk a lot of scrill bitch motherfuckas
Be catchin feelings but i dont feel shit

Cream in my middle like an oreo
I just wanna rock ride cock like a rodeo
Drop like ? you can check my portfolio
Make my pussy pop like i done with e-44
Dudes on my jock like hey where shorty go
She over there in the booth u know how it go

Chorus [2x] this DJ is fuckin hot he got it goin on
And he just dont stop what u wanna do? i wanna fuck the DJ!
What you wanna do? i wanna fuck the DJ!

Yea i wanna get naked every single time he spins this damn record
Motherfucka by me 1 2 steppin i put the pussy on him raw no protection
And he love it when i get on top triple x style everybody watch me fuck the DJ