Tiger Magics - Lost Thoughts lyrics

lost thoughts pass me by thoughtless
life's a chaos right now
shouts and silence
just in change
where is the way out?

I turn myself in circles
live my life in circles
wanna stop turning around
the need of solution is unavoidable
wanna destroy the bubble which we live in
(can't keep living this)

the ups and downs of our existence
down to hell
up to the roots of the trees
I'm almost at the surface
can almost breathe
I'm happy for few moments
push the issues away

and then
something drags us down again
my life lies in ruins
I can't keep living this
for the rest of my life

for one moment
I'm leaving the world
to get away
I'm leaving the world
just to get back
I'm leaving the world
yes I'm leaving today

but only in thoughts