Tiara Thomas - Nikki (2012)

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Tiara Thomas - Nikki lyrics

I'm just like a regular girl
All I wanna do is be heard baby
And I know you like to fuck a lot
So after we get done before we sleep
I want you to listen to me

You know you're just a backup
And I'm just fucking wit ya
Until I can get back up
You heard I had a man
But then we broke up
So if you try to leave you're not the only one I heard of (i'll be good)

I'll go to clubs
Fall in love wit strippers
I know they just working (i know they working hard)
They tryna get by
Tryna get paid
Tryna get the money but I'm tryna get laid motherfucker

I'm not well (no I'm not well)
No I'm not myself (no I'm no myself)
I'm not healthy I don't want you to help me
I don't want your help
I think I fell in love like in a week
Think his name was bobby maybe it was steve or maybe it was joe or ricky
Maybe it was martin, maybe it was nikki
I often go to clubs
Fall in love with niggas
I know they just flirtin' (i know they flirtin' hard)
They tryna get the ass
Tryna get laid
Tryna get my number but they bouta get played motherfucker