Tia Jean - Walk Away Part I lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I used to pass you by,
Now you looking kinda fly
When I'm trying to denie this feelingn never saw it coming
Boy it's getting me confused

Don't wanna have to lie
Bout where I've been tonight
You know I got someone whos waiting
Don't know how to face him
When your the only one that's on my mine

Oh you come so high
I know I really wanna
I'm asking what I got
I know I can't afford to
Oh it's getting to hot
I know I shouldn't stay so hot how comes I can't seen to walk away

[Verse 2:]
You got me questioning
The relationship of me
Getting closer everytime we meet up I'm feeling caught up
Here's the time we pull away

You filling up me time
I'm late on the line
Gotta tell you the guilts killing me It isn't in me
Tell me why you playing on my mine

[Chorus x2]

Tick tock tick tock sitting here looking at he clock
Wondering why I haven't gone oh no
Tick tock tick tock should I stay or should I go
I don't know (I don't know) I don't know (I don't know)I don't know I don't know

[Chorus x2]