Thurz - High Castle (2014)

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Thurz - High Castle lyrics

How I started from a nick', put it in the bar
If they in the air, promise for they heart
Barely imagine, soundtrack to passion
I dunno what happens with a mass piece of napkins
Throw away, don't throw away shit
I throw away, listen to me, one day they pray
I'm lickin' that q-bar, I'm duckin' that shooter
There is no time to live, I run

Cold magic x4

With a passion at us right here, lemme put mine in yo ear
For a fan to leaf and not the barbershops,
I condone the bottles like cheers
All that 8th grader might loot more, true believer might shoot more
Power of God in a gun, tryna kill my dreams so I had to get a hold of one
I'm blastin' into the night, let it bleed, shun light
Clip - always, so we wear Jordans just to take flight
I'm on blastin' into the night, squeezing' all my might
I have one shot, roulette, one kill, I bet

Cold magic x4