Thundertale - Knights Of The Burning Hill lyrics

Tell me my brothers how did it happen?
So many strangers are treading our lands.
What are we waiting for?
The storm is arising.
No one will help us -
Take swords to your hands.

Stand, fight, for your destiny!
For the glory those battles will bring.
Stand, fight, for the liberty!
Hold on and the bell of freedom will ring.

Here we are -
Standing side by side together.
With no fright, proud and strong -
We will never kneel.

We will fight!
Holy flame will burn forever
Shining bright to all who are
Knights of the burning hill.

No more regrets now, no more confusion.
Time to step forward, time to be strong!
No one can stop us and we have no illusions.
What˙s our must be ours -
We˙ve waited for too long.