Throne Of Chaos - Bite The Bullet lyrics

[Spoken verses: Pitsa R. Tekken Jr, Spoken Outro: Rasmus Nora]

Well, we could let it slip away
We could forget about
That foolish summer night
But if you still betray
My trust another day
I swear that you won't live
To feel the winter's chill
Next time you won't obey
I cannot let it slip away
My blood will start to boil
And yous bled to the soil
I stand forever locked in a cage
And I can't lose my rage
'Til you come crawling back to me
And we'd stray through the night
I can wait until the sun comes up
And still retrieve
And we'd stray through the night
I don't believe a word you say
I have to ask myself
How could it end this way?
You was filthy
And craved to get clean
Sure, I'll provide you with that sweet honey beer
I'll drug your cute little ass
With some eye-drops in your bloody Mary
Babe, this ain't no love on the rocks with no ice
So roll the dice, beautiful
'Cos this just might be your lucky day...
The acid highway glows distant smile
Wrong directions and a dead end trail
I hate your guts
But otherwise you're fine
Can you feel the posion moving
Can you feel it, baby?
Is nearly there