Three Below - Life In General lyrics

Looking into a bright a cozy life,
The simple things every thing's fine
No problems in your future your mind is on your daily life
And living everyday to it's potential,
Get the house get the car and the kids
And living happily ever after
Instantly just when you think it's all fine
Life can change in the blinking of an eye
And no it's not fair, a living nightmare
Has become the story of your life they're unaware
Impossible to cope disintegrating hope
This is not how life should be
Holding on to my beliefs, in spite of all that I see
Refusing to let it go, nothing can stop me
Withering, all around you sorrow builds
Sinking fast, the depression alone kills
And all the things outside they all pass you by
In one month you may not be alive
And taking your last breaths in the shadow of death
All of life seems worthless
Although they all gave up, accepted death to pacify
You would not let go, you would not die
And yet the tears they fell because of hurt and pain,
You stood face to face with death
Building back, appreciating everything more
Character, stronger than you were before
And now your seeing all the beauty of this place
And realizing that life is not something to waste
Never giving up, never letting go,
This is just how life should be