Three Below - Back Stabber lyrics

Back stabber, remember you reap what you sow
Friendship sometimes blinds the best things to happen
Through all our doubts we thought we'd try it out
We thought you learned your lesson
Music never meant anything
It was something to do
To fill minutes and to
Pick up chicks that would talk to you
If you told me to my own face
How you really felt about me
Then I would respect what you say-back stabber
The first chance you get you take it
To put us all down- no friendship
To make yourself look better-back stabber
You were always the first to point
The finger at the rest of us
Never once realizing that it
Could have been you who is messing up
Your way of contibuting was to put everybody down
You did nothing we did it all when you were around
Time to take a stand
Think back asleep we bleed you weep
Broke it down, all around with your mouth
Blabbing away
Self centered hypocrite throwing out judgement
Look away, don't you think that this would happen
We learned our lesson this won't happen again