Those Dancing Days - Home Sweet Home lyrics

Hello big family who's gonna cook the noodles today
I found a pair of broken glasses and finally I can see clearly
From Falsterbo to Kiruna, from Göteborg to Djursholm
and even one lost guy from Arizona

Home sweet home, I've

been away for too long

Home sweet home,

this is where I belong

Going to bed wondering if winter come early this year
Waking up on the line of equator bathing in my own sweat
Jumping out of someones tent and I don't recongnize a face
Still I know them all well so see you later

Let's get nice and friendly, join us for a surfride in the mud
We're out for beerhunt, look out for our razzia, hands up, hit and run
Playing football with a can, Mr J lost his shoe
Suck my menthol feeling fresh all night long