Thornspawn - Storming The Heavens lyrics

Fallen angel full of hate to the dark world was his fate
Castin hell from beyonds damned in grief ripped his bonds
Fallen angel cast to hell, mourning sorrow when he fell
Flying to an endless sky proclaming the holy one must die!
Days of whips, days of chains, bloody night of satans reign
King of kings to the unholy land, storm the heavens take my hand
Enchanted land full of lies, king has fallen from his skies
Anubis ruler of this hell, the satanic witch has cast her spell
Arches of gates full of gold deceitful kingdom for the heaven sent souls
I am the true king of the skies overthrown by angels lies
Storm the heavens for angels dust, feeling the virgins urging lust
Sinners coming in thousands open the gates of hell wide
Seven times hotter than the sun satans acceptance with pride

[blackthorn 2-96]