Thomas Hadley - The Ballad Of Karl Benz lyrics

Karl Benz, walking cross the cobble stones
Karl tends to walk this road, walking all the way alone (silly Karl)
Incidentally, this is New York City, pretty lights like Christmas
Pity all that they illuminate are burns and brittle little bones

Enter from off-screen the screaming of the boy, eyeballs a'bleeding
Clawing at the crawl of people, begging of them help from all
And hither comes the sheep aglow, burning hot and burning slow
Landing in the sand where Karl Benz politely stands

And it said, that boy set me on fire
And don't worry if you think you're getting high or something
For it's your Lord and muse, talking through a burning ewe
Trying to inspire you to produce a car or two, or three, or four, or seven

And then the sheep imploded
Into candy

Karl Benz walking cross the cobble stones
Karl's friends follow his strode, to his factory abode (silly Karl)
Now each waking day is bright, like a sheep just set alight
Delight thy Lord, O Prosper, and everything'll be alright