This Ship Will Sink - Welcome To The Party lyrics

Welcome to the party
JASON: how do the flowers bloom under such dark skys? did you not know they need sunlight to grow? every now and again a break in clouds, letting in just enough light so hope won't die. hope that they will have a better life than you but, nothing changed it's all the same. the only thing that has changed is that you've added another player to the game, another body to fill up the space in this dying party, didn't you think about this before you went ahead and planted your seed? you can barely take care of yourself let alone something so fragile that you've decided to make. i don't know about you but, all i see are dark days ahead, days were the light struggles to break through such thick clouds, i don't think you know that flowers need light to bloom.
TOM: welcome to this life we have ruined for you. we still make the same mistakes and you pay the price.

TOM: at this point in time we all pretty much understand that the world is messed up. bringing a child into a place like this is probably not the best idea. i also feel that sex education and inexpensive birth control is still taboo under our conservative government and this is something that needs to be addressed