This Ship Will Sink - George W Bush Could Fuck Up A Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich lyrics

JASON: create this wall of ears so they can hear our every move, build these walls with eyes so they can watch us live our lives, they are protecting us from ourselves to save us from a greater evil, though this is quite the bit of power you are giving yourself, no privacy leds to more protection a personal shaporon for every home, but when the object is to be the last one standing it helps to have a room full a smoke and mirrors it provides the illusion that all will be fine, be careful where you step the landmines are set to blow, vulgars that were once friends strike when food gets low, their system doesn't work for me, their system doesn't work for you, their system doesn't work for us, their system doesn't work for anyone, there is a shark sitting at the end of the bar he's taking bets on just how long till we sink our own ship, the ocean we've been sailing has all but dried and now we're stranded on this island
TOM: your foriegn policy is cowboy terrorist. our voices are silenced by money and power. i hope you liked your war. what were we fighting for? the gap of rich and poor? the police are at our door

TOM: i think the title is pretty self explanatory, but if you need more insight pick a book called stupid white men by micheal moore.