This Routine Is Hell - The Desperate Sway lyrics

Another wasted day and the potential of endless dreams turned to dust.
There's so much glory in just a minute of a lifetime. Nobody cares! We're all looking away!
What's the use if we don't stand up and try to make it worth our while?
You are too divine to let it slip, we all share that gift.
And when the crosses of vision and fervor burn to ashes.
The demons of delusion and despair own this fucking town.
We all feel, the time's slipping through our hands.
We all know, our time is coming to an end.
The desperate sway.
"Do not consider yourself free".
Bound in shackles of bliss.
And timidness mistaken for solace.
I'm not gonna let this slip.
We're not gonna let this slip.
Embrace the storm.