This Routine Is Hell - Repent. Repeat. lyrics

This is not about the foundation.
No diatribe against globalization.
This is a matter of ethics and human nature.

A new dawn of a competitive age: the birth of men.
For every race is a match and there's no dead end.
We're fighting battles within our heads.
This is a call to keep in touch with our instincts.
Not to fall for their tricks and their conflicts.
Always hungry? Well ask yourself:

"What's happiness?
The feeling that power increases, that resistance is overcome.
Not contentment, but more power.
Not peace at any price, but war.
Not virtue, but efficiency.
The weak and the botched shall perish."

Think of ourselves as enlightened men as we have outflanked Olympus.
We rejoice in history's virulent nature while we dismiss the blood on our own hands.
Get ready for war, we've got Rousseau to watch our backs.
Well, in the hands of the immoral, science can be raped as much as Christ has been abused and God has been murdered.
I'm not scared of progress. It's our morality that frightens me most.