Thirdmoon - Frozen Lunar Autumn lyrics

Loss of a breath-the wicked candle lit failes
Forgetful the buried autumn tears
Untearable those obscene tales
To whom I cry-the embraced hearts
Enchanted tears, bewitched weeps
I kissed those bleeding flames

Frozen lunar autumn
And I fall into a dark autumn spring
And so the tears are burning with me
Deforming me again and again

Harmonic whispering gales-a cast on a spell
Unseen dreamed pictures,
The night may them have seen
I danced through thine withering light, oh moon

Oh moon!
My father, my tear, my water, forgive me
I have kissed thine pale death

Ornaments of scars-a bitter stream of failure
Weeping silence, the tearful symphony
Crestfallen waters of lies

Frozen heart is mine-the loss of love
As you and so I drink the pure embittered wine
I weep in Obscurity