Third Bike Wheel - Computer Son lyrics

How can you hope that your computer will say the truth,little boy?
He doesn't have any emotions so he doesn't care for you
You own many toys,your dad leads a sect called Microsoft
You have a lot of money but,are you rally happy?

You are,you are,you were the computer son
You don't,You don't have any fun
So take your gun and run

How many clusters of shit do you have around your nintendo?
A bunch of robots smelling the odor of your barbed wired T.V.
They will take advantage of you in your future life
It will be a nightmare if you don't choose your society

Your friendly destiny say:"money can by everything"
I'm sorry but you're wrong kid
Poverty is not a poor disease...anyway

Your virtual paradise can't bring you a little smile
Anticlockwise extinction
All you got is possessions,fake a solution
One more ambition