Third 2 None - Md lyrics

I wish I could have stayed
It's only been two days
But already it feels like so much longer since I have been with you
I left there on a plane
Left the girl I miss always
The one time I get something good it goes away
It's such a shame

The only way it could be better is if you were here with me
And I know you'd never leave
I don't want to write you letters and all those stupid things
I wanna be back in MD

You're so far away
It's been forever and a day
Since I've seen your eyes
But you're still fresh in my mind
I can't get over you
I feel so left behind
No way to make you mine
And no one here can compare to you
You know it's true

I'll try not
To miss you
Even though I really wish you
Could be right here next to me
And everyday I will
Think all about your smile
And I'll wish that this could and me