Theaudience - Keep In Touch lyrics

I remember you said when you were free
Shall I go to suburbia, or stay here and take it easy?
But, back you came and suddenly aged
A keeper of cages
A slave to your wages

You'd say you'd got most out your education
But that's just not good enough
You could say that it's me but

The trouble is
It's just like us

It now seems quaint
So much time has passed
Now that we've grown up
We've got to own up at last
You were ambitious
You knew what was there
Now it's the cab fare and nowhere to take the aurprayer (sic)

Like the sound of shouting out side my room
That's just not cool enough
I could say that it's you but


My body likes routine
My brain can't take it
And I never trust my luck
You could say that it's me but


You could say that it's useless
But at least I keep in touch