The Wooden Wings - Sage Lullaby lyrics

Burning light, from beyond the night
I'm scared of the dark, please don't burn out.
Empty skies, clouds like dice
Rolling doubles with a shaky hand
Rolling fields, oh, please don't yield
For my thoughts run smooth like you do
Blades of grass, watch the blue birds pass
While we sway in the wind, just me and you

Oh my everything, everything
It's my escape so please keep on singing, keep on singing
Oh simple life, simple life
The wind keeps on ringing, keeps on ringing
Just keep on singing, oh, keep on ringing, oh,
Sweet sage lullaby

My velvet sky, I'm counting stars in my head
A star for every brave man who's ever lived
Silly heart, shush, you're beating so loud
Faltering steps, I feel faint without you.
Silver compass won't tell me which way to go
The North Stars my hero and you're my foe
Rain drops falling on my eyelids
My tears are dedicated to you.


Burning light from beyond the night
I'm scared of the dark please don't burn out