The Wooden Sky - Requiem For Mary lyrics

If these buildings were fields
I'd make sure they were ashes,
Set fire to the stubble
And piss on the flames.

Leave no tower unscathed,
Leave no street signs no lovers
And find me a place for
What's left of my name.

We climbed atop the fence
On the backs of a nation
And looked out on the city
Or of what it remained.

Just a pile of old shoes
Each abandoned by laces,
Like Cain with no brothers
Or his queen with no name.

Mary please don't go and
Get yourself all knocked up
My hands don't have the strength
To hold you up.

We've been traveling down this road
And now I'm afraid
Mine is forking south,
There's a lot of things we could say.

We danced through the night
Just to keep it together,
Hid around the fires
And shook off the blame.

Chalked it up to our youth
Just some reckless ambitions
To burn down the lord
We tried so hard to save.