The Wolfgang Press - The Burden Of Mules lyrics

Allen - Cox - Gray
This anger I feel inside is a thing of meaning
I can't reach any lower,
I have suffered far too many
Nearly ending up in the waste away
But you can't give in
And I won't change a single note.
Your words have a way of sounding right
I have been bulldozered into agreeing
I wake the next morning feeling betrayed.
I can't reach any lower
The Burden of Mules
The Burden of Mules
No no never whatsoever
You're walking in time with the rain
Say Sayonara Say Sayonara
Reach out, reach out you skunk
Nearly ending up in the waiter's way
The Burden of Mules...
The Burden of Mules...
Crying in the wishing well
Crying in the wishing well

Michael Allen: Voice, Bass
Mark Cox: Noise, Bass
Andrew Gray: Drums