The Wind Whistles - River lyrics

I'm taking a ride down the river
To forget the troubles I've had
I come from the swamps and the sewers
I've passed through the sweet lemon grass

To find better times on the river
To find time that moves ahead
And if my fortune is sour down river
Then I'm better off dead

I still remember the singer
Of a band that I never like
He told me the song of the summer
Kept getting stuck in his head

But when I hear the song of the river
I open my heart and sing
We carry our tune down river
And it spreads through the land

Bernie Ebbers is a winner
Clifford the dog is a fraud
No action belongs in the middle
I guess that's why they believe in a god

I know I belong on the river
And if I hear them call me back
Tell them my home's on the river
And I'm not coming back