The Wilkinsons - My Leaving Song lyrics

Summer came and days grew long,
liliacs bloomed round' Milford pond,
First place I ever held his hand.
Timeless walks and breathless nights,
Went rushing past like Geese in flight
I was prayin' it was never gonna end
Then the autum leaves were blazin'
Like the fireworks in July
For a fleeting moment
That flame was in his eyes,
But as quickly as the colors came,
They burned out of the sky.

Goodbye, adios, see you later I've gotta go,
I've been holding on too long,
This is my leaving song.

I'll take one last look around,
Pull up roots that I put down.
Drive across that Hastings County line.
I'll Trade a part of who I was,
For a future I'm not certain of,
But I'll keep the best of what i leave behind.

Oh I'll miss those Sunday mornings,
And those Friday football games,
And a peace that comes from knowing
This place will never change.
That's the reason that I'll miss it,
And the reason I can't stay.

Goodbye Adios
See you later I gotta go
I've been holding on too long 2
This is my leaving song