The Widescreen Edition - Black And White lyrics

My eyes are open now
I watched the curtains hit the sills
Close out the sunlight in this room
Turns as dark as hell
Words don't have a meaning anymore

My hands are open now
Holding hers close to mine
My feet are anxious, hold me back
She says, "where is the time?"
Caught in the sunlight again
Caught in the sunlight again

My mind is open now
Judgment is swiftly drawing near
Don't be afraid, my love
Our actions will save us all
Well, that's a lie
My eyes are closing now
This world is black and white

None of us have to know
Where feeling is left to grow
You are condemned and I am exempt
Cause I close my eyes
Tell me, is this happening
My world is black and white

Feed us the lines we've always liked
My flesh is right, my flesh is right
Our desires take the best of us
I don't think you care
No, I don't think you care

You are a mess, a puzzle waits
Turns on a dime
My consequences are filling the answers
My blackened veil is lifting

Where was the bridge we were crossing?
Where are the words we're saying?
We drink our own, we drink our wives
We drink to empty out the lives