The White Papers - Murder To A Man lyrics

Off the sands, the souls are bleak
But I would never think to speak
Of half the things I used to say
I wouldn’t crawl back down to appreciate
Beyond the hills, the souls are bent
It’s safer when you don’t repent
Bottle up the sins of righteous men
And everybody will atone
For someone in limbo
It was hallowed and bright in fading light
The bulls went blank with such a fright
Spilling onto the planks in enormous ranks
As if anybody had the strength to bring them in
Like this * the bridge was swept away
And it barely divided up our faith
It swells up to rise up past every tide
Past the shoulders of men
Drinking smoking sleeping in the inns
If it’s cold tonight I’m gonna have to stay and try
When everybody believes the same
Well won’t you go and hide
I been long below the decks
Crawled over the side
And rattled floorboards from beneath
Well with my rusty knife
Oh, what to tell you...
Of all the things I thought I’d seen
My eyes can never take from me
Church bells are going to ring
And they’ve all come to sing over broken glass
The wind will sting
So dance me twice across your eyes
We’ll come to rest between your thighs
I know we’re wanting to breathe
There is no relief
From what they brought back in
Into the shallows to die, though...