The Wedding Present - I'm From Further North Than You lyrics

And then you said "No, I'm not from the south,
I am from further north than you!"
With that you kissed me full on the mouth
And that was when I knew
You were either drunk or you wanted me
And, you know, either way I wasn't going to disagree
But how did one crazy night turn into six weeks
How can we be going out if neither of us speaks
I think we're the same in many ways
And I admit we had some memorable days
But just not very many
I just think we both need more,
And we can't ignore how unhappy we were
I'd been abandoned by her and you needed a friend
All right the night we walked into the sea I guess that was okay
And when we bought that weird pornography
Yeah that was a good day
The first time I saw your red bikini I just couldn't help but stare
And when we counted planets in the sky
I was just happy you were there