The Vindictives - 1 (900) Ilu-Vyou lyrics

Saw her picture in the paper along with a 900 number, I thought we'd chit-chat on the phone, instead you said you'd come right over, bursting in you forced me down kneeling over me grinning, worked me up and tied me down, I asked you what you wanted for dinner. Crammed her crotchless panties in my mouth, Humped her shiny love patch in my face, smudged her creamin honey on my nose, I wondered if she wanted to go to the show (...for a stroll,.....bowling). Worked me over 50 ways but she wasn't even perspiring if I miss work for three more days I know that I'm gonna get fired, plotting probing my rear opening while lubricating her strap-on faced down working up the nerve to ask her home to meet my mom. I had no one; I had nothing so lonely all of the time, now I've got me a nympho-girl to be my valentine. She's and angel, she's a demon, extra-extraordinary wonder when she'll call me back gonna ask her if she wants to get married