The Victim Of... - Teardrops And Bloodstains lyrics

And when night fell the air was cold
Rain drops attacked the windowsill
Words came and tore and took their toll
Faith i displayed was unfulfilled
Tell me what's been wrong
Is it something that i've done?

And now that you feel
Feeling that keeps you
Keeps you from me
Obscured from darkness

Lying in wait
Wait for the moment
I can't relate
Hidden in shadows

Why am i torn by helplessness?
Why am i cursed with ignorance?
Understated. complicated.
They say that ignorance is bliss
Why then do i feel so depressed?
Overrated. dead, sedated.

Is it the thought that's haunting me?
It's keeping me awake at night
From within tearing me apart
Anger will tear me up inside
No one knows the pain
Pain that we go through