The Verna Cannon - Marching Through The Snow lyrics

We used to go crazy
Couldn't pass the time
Torturous Christmas eve
Inching cruelly by
Reading a book at night
As if I'd ever get tired
But then my brother
Always woke me up

I remember marching through the snow
On a holiday, for once in my life
In the magic southern snow
There was one store open
But I found you something nice
And I walked home
In the street, alone, covered in white

You poured claymation creatures
Is it calm around here?
No wonder you're staring
With such empty eyes

Don't know about Jesus
Could I give Santa another try?
Back in the 20's
He smoked lucky strikes

And I'm trying to get home
For the holidays
But it's all in my mind
And the magic southern snow
The heart not open
But that's once in your life
And I drive on in a parking lot
Just feeling tired

Wrapping lights around a chair
Hanukkah collar for the cat
Mothers yelling at their children
Spending money they don't really have
Getting lectured by a stranger
Accidentally bumped her car
Wasn't really in a hurry
I was only lost in thought

I'm trying to get home
For the holidays
I'm trying to get home
For the holidays