The Verdict - Dawn Was Better lyrics

Driving north and all I see's
Areflection in your eyes
Driving I don't see a thing that I recognize

People say that we should not have left
Left our homes
But they don't know, oh no

I don't see a sign,
That I recognize.
Sit back in your seat,
And wait for sunrise.

Tell me that you'll wait with me
And everything's not lost.
Tell me that you'll wait with me
Even if we're wrong.

I can't tell you what it is
That we have been through
But we're still happy, oh...

I don't see a thing
That I recognize
Sit back in your seat
And wait for sunrise.

There is no place,
No place like home.

There's no (place like home)
No place (like home)
No, no, no...