The Urge - Welcome To Gunville lyrics

Welcome to Gunville!

He was twelve with a gun in his hand
He was small but he felt large
Now he could hold his head up high
Said I am taking charge of this life
I'm gonna shoot back when they pick on me
I'm gonna shoot back

Welcome to Gunville
Are we trigger happy or maybe trigger sad?
Empty the chambers a living body ain't the same
As a picture in a frame

Go gold (?) still give her babies
One on the street and one at home
She hid the gun under the bed it was loaded
He didn't know he was alone
You can't take back it's over
He's not coming back he's gone


Fear created violence
And violence means death
Life is gone and we're proud of the blood we spill
Every day here in Gunville


Welcome to Gunville
Are we trigger happy
Man just trigger sad