The Underground - Two Years, Seven Months And A Day lyrics

What's that you say as I scale the stairs
To another open door?
Do you believe in second chances?
Believe, now I believe
What's that you say as I walk away
I'm still stuck in the memories
That was a long time ago, i know
What would you say if I asked you now?
Don't say it
I know you want to know
If I wanted to know I would have asked by now
I'd have asked myself
So what do you think?
Like I said before
I don't want to think about this anymore
Alright, I'm sorry that I brought this back up
But there's something that I gotta say…

The time with you was so amazing, so allowed
Never thought I'd fall this down
Never thought I'd fall back down to earth
And every night as I sit here alone
You keep me up as I dial the phone
Just to manage out a single breath
I wanted to say…

I remember the way you used to make me smile
I guess it never went away
We used to sit and laugh for a while
And make believe
And make believe
That this was harder than we made it be
Just another lie, just another day
But every time we had it right, before our eyes
I was so blind
So was I but that's nothing new
That's how I've been and you've missed it too
I thought you didn't
I don't want to talk about it
So what is this?
This is me telling you the truth;
I never had the chance to admit this to you
Now we're alone
I know but I just can't say…

Triple multi-collaboration