The Underachievers - N.A.S.A. (2013)

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The Underachievers - N.A.S.A. lyrics

[Verse 1: Issa Gold]
Niggas know the name call me Ayu
Don't take that shit in vain like my prophet Jesus
I'm a new age nigga christ shit no news
Im raising up indigos setting minds on the loose
Ain't spitting no stupid shit in my lyrics straight truth
I'm painting the city right around making moves
I'm putting in work in overtime while they snooze
Been rapping a year but what it sound like to you?

[Verse 2: Ak]
A nigga been blessed since he came out the womb
Now the world blessed too cause I'm the influence
Tuned with the truth kick knowledge in the booth
And the streets with the Gs and real niggas salute
Do it for the stars aligning on planet X
Never had a plan B I always knew I was next
Flex now them haters upset throw the checks
Cause I ---- team full of architects

[Hook: Issa Gold]
You know the world of haters man don't worry about em get lit
I made another song for them smokers dogs so proceed to spark up your shit
I dedicate this to elevated send praises round to my king
I put it down for them golden souls you know what I represent

[Verse 2: Issa Gold]
Lords of the Bush fuck that ---- shit
Meditate open eyes spit it all in the booth
Smoking on real strong might be foreign to you
Beastcoast ----- to the youth
Rebirth of my soul -----
Niggas think I'm insane in they souls the refuse
Mind trapped like a slave then my songs they for you!

[Verse 3: Ak]
Staring at the world from a --- view
Cause I'm like a superhero
Spittin uplifting ---- dude
Leading by example only way you can fool
Mind full of data let it spill out in a vacant booth
---- try the gods we too sharp
Blind niggas couldn't recognize the true art
I figured out the source resides within the heart
[Hook: Issa Gold]

[Verse 4:Issa Gold]
Reppin up for the light you know them sparks unite when I write
Hop on my herb shuttle take flight
And spit that magic hittin the mic
Hol' Up, spitting straight facts til the dumb niggas listen
While the gods in town better re
Using two eyes nigga then you ain't really livin'!

[Verse 5:Ak]
Born in this world with a heart full of gold
Gold crown on my mind can't take my soul
Blow loud all the time change I know
Still keep it G like a fucking -----
Take a hit of weed see it from an astral view
------ Demons that fly past
We coming at you don't feel us then move
To a city full of liars ----

[Hook: Issa Gold]

Rolling up and floating up and I'm bout to smoke again
Blowing OG that potent green spark another up cause we win
Rest In Peace to my nigga Steez to worry bout it get lit
Roll another up for my nigga dawg dedicate this one to the Prince